Travel club lacrosse

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Creator’s Game Lacrosse Purpose: strengthening athletes through coaching, competition and championing spiritual growth.     

Coaching Purpose: The reason I coach is because I have a personal desire to help the next generation of players become great on the field and great in life – instilling character, composure, confidence, and courage.

I believe that many of life’s greatest lessons, values and faith can be learned on the athletic field. Sports help to reveal and refine our character so we can become people who love, serve and care. I support the values of Creator’s Game and will model them to the players as they learn how to compete and live for Jesus Christ.

Coach’s Code of Conduct:

I will teach them that playing sports and living life is a gift from God.

I will teach them that games are made to be fun. The players and I will enjoy the game and the spirit of competition.

I will make our players feel loved and accepted, modeling the love of Christ.

I will help our players reach their full potential on the field and in their family.

I believe each player has been created with great potential and purpose – as an athlete and person.

I will affirm my players and never shame them. I will correct them in a way that they are encouraged and motivated to be their very best.

I will protect our players. We will build them up, not tear them down.

I will put my players in a position where they can thrive and develop to their full potential.

I will treat our players like family. I will not scream, shame, or swear.  Instead, I will coach them the way I want to be coached.

I will encourage calculated risk-taking on the field, eliminate the fear of failure, and encourage my players to learn from mistakes.

I will treat the referees and opponents with respect and honor.

I will teach my players how to control and harness their emotions for peak performance on the field and in life.

I will recognize parents as partners to making their athlete succeed.

Because I am a role model and hold the position and platform to make a positive difference in the lives of my players, I commit to this code of conduct.