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 (COVID-19) Response Plan
*This plan is fluid and may be updated when Creator’s Game, Palm Beach County and U.S. Lacrosse COVID-19 Plan is updated.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Creator’s Game is proposing the following guidelines to ensure the safety and health of our players, parents, coaches, and spectators. These proposed changes are aligned with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and are subject to change as the pandemic and local restrictions are updated.
As government and local jurisdictional policies are updated, we will be in communication with the players and families to ensure you are up to date on any changes to these guidelines.

It is incumbent on you, the parent, guardian, and your child to understand, agree to and abide by these conditions before engaging in these activities with Creator’s Game Lacrosse Club, coaches and its staff. 

Below are the following guidelines to help protect everyone in the Creator’s Game Lacrosse Club. Please be aware that this is not a substitute, nor should it replace any guidelines that have been issued by the CDC, NIH, WHO, or government organizations.

Communication to members prior to practice

We will send weekly updates to our members and then post them on our web site as we approach the beginning of each week of the season.  The information below will be made known through the following:

  • Weekly updates
  • Posting of information and action flyers at practice entry and departure points
  • Posting of information and action flyers on program web site and other social media outlets.
  • Staff communication to attendees for each practice at entry and departure


Creator’s Game Lacrosse Club utilizes an advanced processing system run by League Athletics and Sports Engine which cater to a large number of youth sports organizations across the nation.  We will continue to use this outlet.

The following topics are broken down in this plan and represent the communication and procedures to be implemented:

-       All participants/attendees prior to practice

-       All participants when coming to practice will

-       Coaches and administrators

-       Practice requirements for players

-       Parents

All participants/attendees prior to any practice:

-       Wash your hands for 20 seconds and do it often. Wet your hands under running water and apply soap.

o   Lather your hands

o   Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds (hum “Happy Birthday” song twice)

o   Rinse your hands under clean water

o   Dry your hands using a clean tower or air dry.

-       Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

-       Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

-       Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. Wash your hands thoroughly.

-       Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

-       Follow the CDC recommendations for using a face mask++

-       Please communicate with your team administrator the reason of non-attendance of practices.  If it is health related we want to know why.

-       Please take your own temperature prior to leaving your home.

No player/coach/administrator is to attend if he/she has any flu-like symptoms or has been in close contact with someone who has experienced flu-like symptoms.

All participants when coming to practice will:

-       Participants will only enter the field one way and will leave from another exit.  Hand sanitizer will be at both the entrance and exit for participants to use.

-       Players will come on the field dressed with everything they need. (Helmet or goggles off)

-       Have their temperature checked by Staff using one of the touchless thermometers prior to entering the field.  Anything over 100 will be sent home.  There will be no exceptions.

-       Creator’s Game staff will take temperature of everyone on the field.

-       They will answer health related questions prior to stepping on the field.

-       Water bottles MUST be labeled with name.  Do not share water or snacks.

-       If a player becomes sick at practice they will be asked to leave the field immediately and their parents will be contacted.

-       We also ask that parents do not car pool non family members to practice.

Participants will have their own area on the field to place their water bottle and extra stick.  The area will be marked off by a cones and is your space before warm ups and during water breaks.  A cone will be assigned per player by their coach.  Each cone will be 10 feet apart.

Coaches and Administrators:

-       No coach/administrator is to attend if he/she has any flu-like symptoms or has been in close contact with someone who has experienced flu-like symptoms.

-       Temperature checked before each session.

-       Develop a training plan in accordance with the club, county and CDC guidelines on safety and social distancing.

-       Ensure equipment is cleaned before and after your session.

-       Adopt a realistic timescale for your players and group events.

-       No close contact with players, parents or other coaches - CDC guidelines.

-       No spitting, no eating of seeds or clearing of the mouth.

-       No providing of snacks or drinks to any players.

-       When moving the goals wear gloves to or sanitize or wash hands after with CDC guidelines.

-       Benches to be disinfected after each use.

-       Only pick up lacrosse balls with their lacrosse stick.

-       Do not supply team water bottles

-       Do not use a whistle (electronic whistle are acceptable and the program will be providing them for our coaches)

Practice requirements for players:

-       No player is to attend if he/she has any flu-like symptoms or has been in close contact with someone who has experienced flu-like symptoms.

-       Clean uniform and sneakers/cleats must be worn.

-       Hands must be sanitized before and after practice and games at the sanitation station.

-       No spitting or eating sunflower seeds or clearing of the mouth.

-       Water bottles to be marked clearly and placed in your specific area.

-       No exchanging of snacks or drinks.

-       No exchange of equipment.  This includes lacrosse sticks.

-       Always wash hands after going to the bathroom.

-       Leave 6-8 minutes before the next person uses the bathroom

-       Do not use water fountain at the fields.

-       Players to obey social distancing during breaks.

-       No hand shaking, bumping, hugging or close contact.

-       Players will not pick up lacrosse balls with their hands.


-       Confirm player(s) washed hands for 20 seconds after using facilities restroom.

-       Ensure player equipment and water bottles are cleaned before arriving at fields.

-       No Clearing of the mouth at the fields.

-       Parents will not be permitted on the practice field.

-       Maintain social distances from any other observers (6’ apart) from anyone not in your household outside of the practice area.

-       Siblings are not permitted on the practice field.

-       No hand shaking, bumping or close contact


-       During ALL practices these guidelines will be followed.

-       Please make sure players are using the hand sanitizer before during and after practice.

-       Huddles are an important part of the CGLC experience.  We will break into small groups for all huddles while still maintaining the appropriate social distancing rules at practice.

Staff, parents and participants are asked to stay home if anyone in their family is sick.  Staff and Coach guidelines are above.  Parents and participants who demonstrate an elevated temperature above 100 degrees, runny nose, or shortness of breath, and/or who are high risk will be asked to stay home